Smoke-on-the-River uses baby back or St. Louis Style pork ribs.  These ribs are rubbed with a variety of spices, then smoke roasted for 4-6 hours before being finished over a charcoal / apple wood live fire.  This process ensures a slightly crispy outer layer which encloses a tender meaty inside.


Kansas City
Sweet and smoky in traditional KC style.  Ribs are marinated with basic four spice rub and sprayed with apple cider while smoke roasted over apple wood.  They are then finished with homemade KC style BBQ sauce.

No sauce needed for this order.  Ribs are smoked with a sprinkle of  salt and pepper and mopped with vinegar and finally dusted with the secret Memphis Dry Rub.
Shortly before they are finished a second coating of rub is applied.


This recipe combines Hawaii with Jamaica.  Ribs are marinated in pineapple juice, cilantro, and jalapeno.  Secondly a Jamaican jerk seasoning is applied.  They are then finished with a glaze featuring a reinforcement of pineapple, cider, brown sugar, and butter.


The name describes the color achieved by combining hoisin, plum, and soy sauce with honey and garlic.  This combination serves as an all day marinade and then reapplied as a glaze.


Brown sugar and five spices are rubbed on the ribs for  a dry marinade.  A glaze is applied featuring black cherry jam and other spices.


A variation of Chinese restaurant ribs.  A candy sweet crust and tender inside is achieved by combining five spice powder and hoisin sauce enhancing the true taste of roast pork.